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Human Resources section covers the wide spectrum of management of workforce, interpersonal relations in the corporate world by having articles on different concepts. Apart from these institutions and systems working for empowerment of the people also falls under this category.

Boardroom Battles in Indian Companies 18 December 2017

The recent tough boardroom battle at the helm of Tata’s and Infosys adds to the list of yet another Boardroom fights in Indian corporates. Boardroom spats is nothing new and have been impacting corporate governance since decades. However, much of attention is received off late due to penetration of media at lowest level. Perhaps, most common reasons for boardroom spat is the difference in the views of founder and management of the company. Too much interference of the founders hinders the growth of a professionally run company.

Exploring Research Methodologies Positivism and Interpretivism 26 November 2017

Human beings rely on the results or the outcomes of any research being undertaken for understanding various phenomenas, to take various decisions or to gather new information or new knowledge as these researches might lead to the generation of new discoveries. The human history has seen the discoveries and there have been results given by various researchers that have led to the betterment of the social status of human beings and various businesses of life on this planet.

Video Conferencing- Bridging the Gap between Employees 03 September 2017

Companies have a well defined structure when it comes to expanding businesses. Companies recruit employees across different roles and geographies to deal with work spread across many places. Bigger companies have their work spread across cities and even bigger multinational companies have their business operations spread across many countries across the world. All these employees work together in ensuring that they achieve the goals set by the company. However, sometimes teams across different domains or same departments need to sit together to decide on strategies, new initiatives, learn new things etc. Hence, teams meet whenever possible. However, in many cases it becomes tedious or expensive for employees to travel as it includes airfare, hotel accommodation, miscellaneous expenses etc. In order to overcome these costs and ensure that employees have a meeting discussion as required, companies these days opt for video conferencing.

15+ HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced Professionals 26 June 2017

Interview is the most important stage of selection for any candidate applying for a job. The interviewer is always prepared with a set of interview questions and the interviewee has to tackle them with efficient answers. The interview is a platform where company officials identify the potential employees by asking them questions relevant to the job as well as the history of the person, for which they expect the candidate to be well prepared with the answers. A lot of job interview questions and answers are generic which talk about the person, his/her education, prior work experience etc. However, once the introduction about the candidate is over, the interview questions and answers become more technical i.e. more relevant to the job, skill set required etc. These job interview questions and answers are useful for students, experienced professionals, freshers etc. This article answers the 15+ basic and most common questions asked during any job or general interview across the world.

Cross Functional Induction for New Employees 13 June 2017

Companies focus a lot on hiring new talent to have quality workforce in their organization. Depending upon the requirement, companies come up with relevant job profiles for which people from across various domains apply. After multiple rounds of interviews and selection processes, companies hire the most suitable candidate for the profile. However, It becomes very important for an organization to groom an individual at the very beginning of recruitment itself. And, that can only be done by a cross functional induction.

Life Cycle of an Employee in an Organization 22 April 2017

A Life Cycle is a series of stages through which something (as an individual, culture or manufactured product) passes during a life time. In some cases the process is slow, and the changes are gradual. We all know, human beings have various steps during their lives, such as zygote, embryo, child and adult. The change from child to adult is slow and continuous.

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Troubleshooting Game Performance Issues – Hardware

So what could I do to make certain that my hardware is operating optimally? Note: This article is part of a series of articles regarding game and system performance. When debugging functionality, please also complete all possible measures in our Troubleshooting Game Performance problems - computer software article.
Diagnosing Game Performance Problems
Game performance problems, for example slow frame rates or
Occasional slow frames could be brought on by bugs or ineffective coding in the games, or from hardware problems. Before calling Steam Support to report game performance issues it might be worth doing some testing to determine if your pc is the source of the problem. Hardware problems don't evenly impact all of games, so even though only 1 game is revealing problems it is well worth assessing your own hardware.
These hints all assume that you're running Windows.
A few of the various tools used are third party tools that aren't controlled by Valve. Valve's mentioning of the tools is not meant to endorse these tools or create some promises in their own behavior. The list below can be not supposed to be a comprehensive list of the tools that are available.
CPU slow down sIn some scenarios your CPU may slow down as you are playing with a game. This is sometimes caused by overheating, or it can be brought on by efforts to save battery life power. Sudden slow-downs -- where in fact the match is still running fine and then the frame rate falls quite unexpectedly -- are occasionally due to those CPU slowdowns. If your frame rate doesn't improve when you lower the game's settlement then your game's performance is probably constrained by CPU operation and these diagnostic steps may be appropriate.